Time: Every Saturday @, 10:00
Place: 95 Empire St, Providence

Improv Jones uses several formats, many of which we made up ourselves. You can read about them here. We vary our format from night to night. Plan to be asked for a little input to get us going, and maybe some more during the show. Since we do longform, we don't rely on audience suggestions as much as shortform companies, but you're definitely a part of it. Everything we do from start to finish is made up on the spot. An Improv Jones show is provocative, iconoclastic, rude, sweet, and hilarious.

Improv Jones began as a workshop at Second Story Theatre back in 1992, when it was on the East Side. When Second Story folded we set out on our own, and took the name Improv Jones. Since then, we've worked to bring the finest performers in the area together for a consistently high-quality improv show. We've had over three dozen members, many of whom have gone on to success in New York, Chicago, L.A., and places in between. For a complete list of present and former members, click here. Improv Jones has collaborated with numerous improv troupes, several rock bands, and one dance troupe, produced two plays, helped create the Providence Improv Fest, and performed all over Southern New England and beyond. Our members perform in many other improv troupes and theater companies. Improv Jones was named Best Comedy Troupe by the people of Southern New England in the 2007 & 2009 Motif Awards.